Lions Grant Release

The London Lions have granted a release to Jack Isenbarger following discussions.

Following on from a number of changes implemented by the Club, Isenbarger felt he needed to head home and see family before moving to Australia to continue his Pro career.

“Combining a Master’s degree at the University of East London with his playing and the relocation to London, Jack felt he needed to just put a brake on things, I understand London isn’t for everyone and Jack’s happiness has to come first.” Commented Lions CEO, Vince Macaulay, “I am absolutely gutted, he’s a lovely man and a great player, I was looking forward to getting even more off him on the floor but I understand his position”

Isenbarger commented; “I have enjoyed my time at the Lions but with the team having a shake up this past week has allowed me to confess to not being at home in the big city, I’m from a small town, Zionsville and when things were being reviewed I felt I’d discuss my thoughts with my family and with Mr Macaulay. I have been offered an opportunity in Australia and it’s somewhere I have always wanted to live. I appreciate the Lions letting me take this opportunity. I would love to come back and play for London in the future, but I don’t want to have any regrets. At the minute London isn’t where I want to live, and I also don’t feel studying a masters is the top of my priorities right now either. I wish the guys all the best for the season and I’ll be supporting them all the way to hopefully another trophy.

Last Sunday’s game produced Isenbarger’s best output with a stellar 15 points 12 rebound performance as the Lions were victorious.

The Lions wish Jack all the best for the future.


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Date added: 12/01/2018

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