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Season:  2017-18   2016-17   2015-16 
Opposition Venue Date Time Score More
Glasgow Rocks (Game at UEL) Home 22/09/2017 7.30pm     B
BBL (Game at O2 Arena) Home 24/09/2017 1.00pm     B
Worcester Wolves Away 29/09/2017 7.30pm    
Surrey Scorchers Home 01/10/2017 4.00pm     B
Manchester Giants Home 06/10/2017 7.30pm     B
Newcastle Eagles Away 13/10/2017 7.30pm    
Leeds Force Home 15/10/2017 4.00pm     B
Cheshire Phoenix Away 22/10/2017 5.30pm    
Sheffield Sharks Away 27/10/2017 7.30pm    
Glasgow Rocks Home 03/11/2017 7.30pm     B
Plymouth Raiders Away 05/11/2017 4.00pm    
Bristol Flyers Away 17/11/2017 7.30pm    
Leicester Riders Away 08/12/2017 7.30pm    
Plymouth Raiders Home 22/12/2017 7.30pm     B
Glasgow Rocks Away 29/12/2017 7.30pm    
Surrey Scorchers Away 01/01/2018 4.00pm    
Sheffield Sharks Home 07/01/2018 4.00pm     B
Cheshire Phoenix Home 12/01/2018 7.30pm     B
Leeds Force Away 21/01/2018 4.00pm    
Bristol Flyers Away 27/01/2018 7.30pm    
Newcastle Eagles Away 02/02/2018 7.30pm    
Worcester Wolves Home 09/02/2018 7.30pm     B
Leeds Force Home 25/02/2018 4.00pm     B
Glasgow Rocks Home 28/02/2018 7.30pm     B
Leicester Riders Home 09/03/2018 7.30pm     B
Bristol Flyers Home 11/03/2018 4.00pm     B
Surrey Scorchers Home 23/03/2018 7.30pm     B
Manchester Giants Away 25/03/2018 5.00pm    
Newcastle Eagles Home 30/03/2018 7.30pm     B
Plymouth Raiders Home 04/04/2018 7.30pm     B
Sheffield Sharks Away 07/04/2018 7.30pm    
Leeds Force Away 13/04/2018 7.30pm    
Worcester Wolves Home 15/04/2018 4.00pm     B
Leicester Riders Away 20/04/2018 7.30pm    
Manchester Giants Home 28/04/2018 7.30pm     B
Cheshire Phoenix Away 29/04/2018 5.30pm    

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